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Fulham FC Hosts Exclusive Fan Zone for The Oxford vs. Cambridge Gemini Boat Race 2024 at Craven Cottage.

Roger Hampel

Fulham FC Oxford Cambridge
Fulham FC Oxford Cambridge

In a unique blend of football and rowing traditions, The Boat Race Company announces a strategic partnership with Fulham FC, bringing an exclusive fan zone experience to Craven Cottage for The Gemini Boat Race 2024 spectators. This collaboration marks a historic convergence of two of the UK's most treasured sporting events, providing fans with an unparalleled viewing experience.

Craven Cottage, with its storied past and picturesque location beside the Thames, serves as the ideal backdrop for fans gathering to witness the longstanding rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge universities. The fan zone, nestled beneath the iconic Riverside Stand, will offer hundreds of spectators not just a prime spot to watch the races, but also a unique vantage point combining the thrills of football and rowing.

Scheduled for Saturday 30th March, with the Women’s Race at 2:46pm and the Men’s Race at 3:46pm, The Gemini Boat Race renews a fierce competition dating back nearly two centuries. Attracting over 250,000 riverbank spectators annually and millions more through television broadcasts, the event symbolizes the epitome of amateur sportsmanship and rivalry. Fulham FC Oxford Cambridge

This year, the addition of a fan zone at Fulham FC's historic home, constructed 128 years ago, enriches the spectator experience. Positioned along the 4.25-mile Championship Course stretching from Putney to Mortlake, fans at Craven Cottage will enjoy an extraordinary view of the races. The collaboration enriches the race day with food, drinks, and activations from Boat Race partners, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging spectator experience.

The Boat Race Company and Fulham FC's joint endeavor to create London's ultimate "Party on the River" promises a carnival-like atmosphere. This family-friendly event encourages the community, sports fans, and tourists to join in celebrating a day of exceptional sportsmanship in a festive environment.

Siobhan Cassidy, Chair of the Board of The Boat Race Company, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to integrate the Boat Race into the fabric of London's football culture. "The Riverside Stand offers the perfect environment for both avid fans and newcomers to enjoy the race in a festive, communal setting," Cassidy remarked.

Alistair Mackintosh, CEO of Fulham FC, also shared his enthusiasm for hosting the fan zone. "Boat Race Day holds a special place in the sporting calendar, mirroring the prestige and history of Fulham Football Club and our connection to the local community," Mackintosh stated. "We're thrilled to offer a memorable day to all spectators."


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