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Football Australia Enhances National Team Excellence with New Leadership Appointments.

Roger Hampel

Football Australia
Football Australia

In a strategic move underscoring its unwavering commitment to national team excellence, Football Australia is launching a comprehensive global search for four key leadership roles within its National Teams’ set-up. This initiative will bolster its performance and accountability framework, reinforcing the organization’s long-term vision outlined in the XI Principles for the future of Australian football.

New Leadership Roles for Focused Excellence

The newly established positions include:

  • General Manager – Women’s National Teams

  • General Manager – Men’s National Teams

  • General Manager – Football Data & Analysis

  • General Manager – High Performance

Each of these critical roles will report directly to Gary Moretti, the Head of National Teams. They will ensure that Football Australia’s strategic objectives are met by overseeing the development and long-term success of high-performance programs and national team initiatives. This structure aims to improve performance outcomes and align them with the organization’s long-term vision.

A Comprehensive Review for Competitive Success

Football Australia CEO, James Johnson, emphasized that this initiative stems from an in-depth internal review of the current high-performance framework, comparing it with leading football and sports organizations worldwide. "The realignment and increased number of specialized resources for our senior and youth national teams stem from a comprehensive internal review of our current high-performance structure when benchmarked against leading football and sporting organizations globally," Johnson said.

He further highlighted the organization's ambition: "These new roles are designed to ensure everything possible is being done to deliver our strategic goal of being a leading football nation within the Asian Football Confederation and that all age groups, men’s and women’s, are qualifying for every FIFA senior and youth World Cup."

Strategic Collaboration with the Technical Department

Football Australia’s National Teams will work collaboratively with the governing body’s Technical Department, led by Chief Football Officer Ernie Merrick. A new 10-year Technical Strategy for Australian football is set to be unveiled later this month, further aligning the organization’s vision and strategy for the future.

Recruiting the Best Talent Globally

Details for all the newly established roles will be available on the Football Australia website starting May 14, 2024, with the General Manager – High Performance role available from May 7, 2024. Football Australia will also engage specialist recruitment firms to secure the best-qualified candidates for these roles, ensuring that each position is filled by industry-leading professionals.

Football Australia’s forward-thinking approach to leadership appointments aims to ensure that national teams at all levels will have the strategic and managerial support needed to consistently deliver high-caliber results on the global stage.


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