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First-Ever Limited Edition Królewskie Beer Featuring Legia Warsaw Players.

Roger Hampel

The brand, which has maintained close cooperation with Legia Warsaw for nearly two decades, has decided to launch a limited edition of cans called "Royal Squad." Each of the eight cans is adorned with a unique image of Legia Warsaw players.

Królewskie and Legia — Two Symbols of Warsaw and Mazovia

Królewskie, the largest brand in Warsaw and Mazovia, is launching a new limited edition that will certainly capture the hearts of Legia Warsaw fans. The cans feature familiar faces: Rafał Augustyniak, Dominik Hładun, Artur Jędrzejczyk, Bartosz Kapustka, Tomas Pekhart, Yuri Ribeiro, Patryk Sokołowski, and Paweł Wszołek. Additionally, fans will be able to deepen their knowledge of their favorite players through extra information provided on the cans.

Long-Term Collaboration Immortalized on Cans

The introduction of this limited edition is the outcome of almost 20 years of sponsorship cooperation between Królewskie and Legia Warsaw. "Just before announcing another contract, many fans commented online that they can't imagine Królewskie without Legia and Legia without Królewskie," notes Łukasz Dąbrowski, Head of BTL Activation for the Królewskie brand.

Strong Support in Retail Outlets

"We are delighted that together with our long-term partners, we are presenting an option for even greater identification with the team and players," says Paweł Kokosza, Commercial Director of Legia Warsaw. Not only the fans but also the retail points will receive strong support in promoting the new can collection, which will undoubtedly attract not just the loyal supporters.

Flawless Design by Global Shopper Marketing

The concept and design of the cans are credited to Global Shopper Marketing, who ensured that each can is not only an occasion for enjoying beer but also a true work of art.

About Żywiec Group

Królewskie beer is produced by the Żywiec Group – one of the leading beer producers in Poland, also known for other brands such as Heineken and Desperados. The company is also a market leader in innovative beer segments and non-alcoholic beers.


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