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FC Barcelona Teams Up with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Transform Espai Barça.

Roger Hampel

FC Barcelona Hewlett Packard
FC Barcelona Hewlett Packard

FC Barcelona has entered a strategic partnership with global technology leader Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to redefine the fan experience at the renowned Espai Barça. This collaboration, extending until June 30, 2028, positions HPE as the Official Edge-to-Cloud Partner for Barcelona's iconic stadium project, including the future Spotify Camp Nou.

Revolutionizing Sports with Edge-to-Cloud Solutions

Under this new agreement, HPE will integrate its cutting-edge Aruba Networking and HPE GreenLake cloud services into the heart of Espai Barça. This setup is designed to facilitate real-time data analytics and enhance security across the stadium, setting a new benchmark for technological integration in sports arenas.

The collaboration is aimed at fully customizing the spectator experience by utilizing advanced technological solutions that allow for personalized services tailored to meet the needs and preferences of fans. From gamification and virtual reality implementations to sophisticated analytics that enhance game strategies, FC Barcelona and HPE are committed to pushing the boundaries of what sports venues can offer.

Enhancing Connectivity and Security

One of the core components of this partnership is the development of a secure, high-speed wireless network throughout the Spotify Camp Nou. This network will not only improve the match-day experience for over 100,000 fans but also lay the groundwork for future integration of private 5G technologies, which are expected to revolutionize core stadium applications.

Moreover, the implementation of HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Enterprise will modernize the stadium’s IT infrastructure, enabling simpler management of workloads, increased automation, and enhanced data security. This move is crucial for ensuring that the stadium remains agile and can handle various digital interactions seamlessly.

A Commitment to Innovation and Fan Engagement

Espai Barça is not just an upgrade to the physical facilities—it’s a complete reimagination of the stadium ecosystem with a focus on innovation, fan engagement, and sustainability. With HPE’s technology, Espai Barça is set to become the world's premier sports complex, located in the heart of Barcelona.

Statements from FC Barcelona’s Vice-President of Marketing, Juli Guiu, and HPE’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Latin America and Southern Europe, Alfredo Yepez, underscore the mutual enthusiasm and strategic alignment between the two organizations. Both leaders highlight the partnership's focus on creating a digitally connected and secure environment that offers personalized fan experiences, fundamentally enhancing how fans interact with the club on game days and during various events.

Source/Credit: FC Barcelona


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