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FC Barcelona Teams Up with EHEIM Möbel to Redefine Comfort at Spotify Camp Nou.

Roger Hampel

FC Barcelona EHEIM Möbel
FC Barcelona EHEIM Möbel

FC Barcelona has recently announced a significant partnership with EHEIM Möbel, a leader in fixed seating solutions, to bring unprecedented comfort to the Spotify Camp Nou. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in the Club’s ongoing efforts to enhance the match-day experience for nearly 105,000 spectators. The agreement, set to run from July 1, 2025, to June 30, 2027, integrates EHEIM Möbel’s innovative seating into one of the most ambitious projects in the club’s history.

Transforming Spectator Comfort at Spotify Camp Nou

The future Spotify Camp Nou is not just an architectural marvel; it's poised to become a world leader in stadium comfort and design. EHEIM Möbel, renowned for their expertise in crafting high-quality seating for public venues, will outfit the stadium with state-of-the-art seats. This upgrade is expected to set new standards in spectator comfort, enhancing the overall fan experience during games and events.

Strategic Partnership for a World-Class Facility

This collaboration between FC Barcelona and EHEIM Möbel is part of a broader sponsorship program aimed at incorporating cutting-edge advancements into the stadium. By choosing EHEIM Möbel as the seat provider for Espai Barça, the Club underscores its commitment to quality and excellence in creating a top-tier sports facility. This partnership not only reaffirms FC Barcelona's dedication to innovation but also transforms the stadium into a hub for business and international collaboration.

Benefits of the FC Barcelona and EHEIM Möbel Partnership

Enhanced Fan Experience

The primary focus of introducing EHEIM Möbel’s seating solutions is to ensure that every spectator enjoys unparalleled comfort. This focus on enhancing visitor comfort is crucial for a venue that aspires to be a benchmark in the sports and entertainment industry.

Expanded Business Opportunities

The association with FC Barcelona provides EHEIM Möbel with a valuable platform to reach a global audience, both in consumer and business sectors. This visibility is expected to open new doors for EHEIM Möbel, allowing it to engage with potential customers worldwide and solidify its status as a leading supplier in the industry.

Innovation in Stadium Design

The partnership is set to introduce innovative design elements into the stadium, influencing future trends in sports facility aesthetics and functionality. The integration of EHEIM Möbel’s seating solutions will not only improve the comfort but also the overall aesthetic appeal of Spotify Camp Nou.

A Commitment to Future Standards

Juli Guiu, Vice-President of Marketing at FC Barcelona, emphasized the Club's commitment to this transformative project: “The alliance with EHEIM Möbel highlights our determination to build a new stadium that offers the best possible experience to all members, fans, and supporters. Providing maximum comfort in the seats is key for a facility that aspires to become a benchmark in the world of sports and entertainment.”

Frank Eheim, CEO of EHEIM Möbel, also expressed enthusiasm about their involvement: “We are extremely excited and honored to contribute to one of the most iconic venues in sports and to participate in its transformation into a new benchmark for modern facilities. This partnership with FC Barcelona helps us to engage with new customers across the world.”


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