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FC Barcelona Partners with Fortinet to Fortify Cybersecurity at Spotify Camp Nou.

Roger Hampel

FC Barcelona Fortinet
FC Barcelona Fortinet

In a landmark announcement, FC Barcelona has chosen Fortinet as its 'Official Cybersecurity Partner' for the iconic Spotify Camp Nou. This significant partnership, set to last through June 30, 2028, underscores the club's proactive approach to ensuring a secure digital environment across one of the world's most revered sports venues.

Integrating Advanced Security in Sports

The partnership between FC Barcelona and Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions, was revealed as part of the broader sponsorship program for the future Spotify Camp Nou. The agreement leverages Fortinet’s comprehensive Security Fabric platform to not only protect the stadium’s extensive digital infrastructure but also set a global standard for technological innovation in sports and entertainment sectors.

Strategic Alliance for Innovation

This collaboration is an integral component of FC Barcelona’s ambitious project, Espai Barça, which aims to transform its facilities into a leading international hub for innovation. By integrating Fortinet's cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, FC Barcelona ensures that both its legacy and its digital future are secured. This partnership extends beyond typical sponsorship, touching on the club's broader goals of merging top-tier sports with state-of-the-art technology.

Enhancing Stadium Security and Experience

The implementation of Fortinet's Security Fabric platform at Spotify Camp Nou is extensive, covering next-generation firewalls, zero-trust network access, and AI-powered security analytics. This setup aims to secure Wi-Fi networks, operational technology infrastructure, and data centers, ensuring that all members and visitors enjoy a safe digital experience. This initiative reflects a commitment to maintaining robust cybersecurity measures that protect against evolving threats while enhancing user and visitor experiences.

A Win for B2B and B2C Alike

While Fortinet traditionally focuses on business-to-business (B2B) solutions, their partnership with FC Barcelona—a globally recognized brand with immense consumer reach—illustrates the potential for such collaborations to transcend typical market boundaries, benefiting both direct consumer and business-focused companies through increased visibility and association with world-class sports entertainment.

Commitment to Sustainable Security

Fortinet is known for its commitment to sustainable cybersecurity, innovating responsibly to meet modern demands without compromising future capabilities. Their work spans collaborations with government agencies, academic institutions, and CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams), emphasizing a comprehensive approach to global cyber-resilience—a crucial feature for the vast and varied operations of a major football club like FC Barcelona.

Future-Focused Remarks

Juli Guiu, Vice President of FC Barcelona’s Marketing Area, noted, "Espai Barça must be the catalyst for the Club’s digital transformation, and cybersecurity is a fundamental pillar of this process." Similarly, John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer of Fortinet, expressed pride in supporting FC Barcelona's vision to create an international innovation hub at Spotify Camp Nou.

As FC Barcelona continues to innovate within its digital and physical spaces, the partnership with Fortinet is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of how sports facilities integrate cutting-edge technologies and cybersecurity measures. This collaboration not only promises enhanced security but also positions Spotify Camp Nou as a leading global sports complex in the heart of Barcelona.

Source: FC Barcelona


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