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FC Barcelona and Rappi: A Strategic Partnership in Latin America.

Roger Hampel

FC Barcelona Rappi
FC Barcelona Rappi

Football and fast delivery may seem like worlds apart, but when you look at FC Barcelona's recent collaboration with Rappi, the leading home delivery service in Latin America, the connection becomes crystal clear. Here’s a deep dive into this strategic partnership and what it means for fans and consumers.

A Foothold in Latin America

As FC Barcelona extends its global reach, one region has become increasingly important: Latin America. The partnership with Rappi is a testament to the club's commitment to tapping into this burgeoning market. Rappi, a technology-driven home delivery company, is renowned for its services in delivering restaurant meals, groceries, and even e-commerce products swiftly. Notably, its Turbo stores boast of a delivery time of just ten minutes.

The Scope of the Partnership

This collaboration, which will extend until June 2026, designates Rappi as the Official Delivery Partner of FC Barcelona's men’s and women’s football teams in several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, among others. This partnership not only broadens Barça's commercial outreach but further strengthens its position in the realm of sports sponsorship.

What’s in it for the Fans?

FC Barcelona and Rappi are set to provide fans with a plethora of unique experiences aimed at forging a lasting emotional bond with them. Given the region's fervent passion for football, this partnership promises exciting times ahead. Fans can now eagerly anticipate official merchandise and exclusive surprises during matches, delivered straight to their doorsteps by Rappi's efficient fleet.

Moreover, Rappi’s association with the club will manifest in various forms, from LED hoardings at the stadium to brand activations with Barça Legends.

FC Barcelona Rappi

A Win-Win Scenario

Both FC Barcelona and Rappi stand to gain immensely from this collaboration. Juli Guiu, vice-president of the FC Barcelona Marketing Area, highlighted the club’s significant following in Latin America, and this tie-up with Rappi serves to enhance the club's visibility and engagement in the region.

On Rappi's side, Astrid Mirkin, their Chief Marketing Officer for Spanish Markets, emphasized the shared ethos of connection and community between football and Rappi's services. The partnership intends to enhance the overall user experience, presenting special offers during games and thereby boosting Rappi’s business metrics.

Kartik Gandhi, another CMO at Rappi, touched upon the symbiotic nature of the collaboration. With both entities commanding strong brand identities, the combined synergy aims to elevate the overall experience for fans and customers alike.


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