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FC Barcelona and PortAventura World Join Forces.

Roger Hampel

FC Barcelona and PortAventura World Join Forces.
FC Barcelona and PortAventura World Join Forces.

In an exhilarating move towards blending the worlds of sports and entertainment, FC Barcelona and PortAventura World have announced a groundbreaking partnership. With a combined vision, both industry giants aim to redefine the spectrum of physical entertainment experiences and uniquely themed attractions.

Central to this pioneering partnership is the aspiration to infuse entertainment experiences within the soon-to-come Espai Barça. Envisioned to be more than just a football space, the enhanced Spotify Camp Nou, resuming its activities by November 2024, plans to incorporate elements that mirror FC Barcelona's rich heritage, its intertwined relationship with the city, and its global appeal. These nuances will be seamlessly woven together, harnessing PortAventura World's unparalleled expertise in curating world-class theme parks.

Taking their partnership beyond local boundaries, the organizations are setting their sights on global horizons. Together, they are keen on conceptualizing a range of ventures from compact entertainment zones spanning 500 to 2,000 m^2 to colossal theme parks sprawling over 7 hectares. These ambitious projects, blending the club's historical significance with PortAventura World's thematic ingenuity, anticipate attracting global audiences. The intent is to offer diverse attractions, including interactive spaces, eateries, stores, and immersive shows, encapsulating the essence of both entities.

FC Barcelona and PortAventura World Join Forces.

PortAventura World, recognized for its top-tier destinations such as PortAventura, FerrariLand, and Caribe Aquatic Park, witnessed an impressive footfall of 5.2 million enthusiasts in 2022. Their consistent commitment to cutting-edge leisure solutions propels them to the forefront of the global entertainment industry.

Juli Guiu, Vice-President of FC Barcelona's Marketing Area, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, viewing it as a strategic step to amplify FC Barcelona's brand reach across the entertainment domain. He emphasized the significance of partnering with an entity as rooted and experienced as PortAventura World.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Arturo Mas-Sardá, the President of PortAventura World's administrative board, emphasized the unique merger of entertainment and sports this partnership encapsulates. He highlighted previous successful collaborations and exuded confidence in this venture's potential to redefine the landscape of sports-themed entertainment.

Source: FC Barcelona


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