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Eintracht Frankfurt Ready For NFL: The Crossroads of Football and 'Fußball'.

Roger Hampel

Eintracht Frankfurt NFL
Eintracht Frankfurt NFL

FOT: Eintracht Frankfurt

The iconic Deutsche Bank Park, home to Eintracht Frankfurt, is poised at the brink of a sporting revolution as the NFL deepens its footprint in Germany. The upcoming Frankfurt Games—a prestigious event featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins—marks a historic juncture not just for American football but also for the world of soccer.

The intriguing synergy between the NFL and Eintracht Frankfurt is evident as the city gears up for this international showcase. Representatives from the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs, the DFL (German Football League), and Eintracht Frankfurt have come together to discuss differences and synergies between the two sports.

Eintracht Frankfurt NFL

At the heart of these discussions is the unification of two sporting cultures—football meets Fußball. During a recent gathering at Eintracht Frankfurt's professional camp, significant topics like brand alignment, marketing strategies, and forward-thinking approaches were on the agenda, just days before the first Frankfurt Game.

Kevin Trapp, Eintracht Frankfurt's goalkeeper, emphasized the privilege of such industry exchanges. "Eintracht Frankfurt has a keen interest in the US market," he said. Trapp highlighted the club's direct ties to the United States, including team tours, a New York office, and an American main sponsor, Indeed, acknowledging the growing interest from the US fanbase.

Eintracht Frankfurt NFL
Eintracht Frankfurt NFL

Complementing this interest is Eintracht's collaboration with the Carolina Panthers, aiming at a professional exchange that benefits both parties. Media representatives, mainly from the US and the UK, were eager not just to understand Trapp's perspective on the American market but also to learn about his entrepreneurial journey.

The emotional bond of Eintracht fans and the team's recent successes were also key points of interest for the press. Trapp expressed pride in welcoming the NFL teams to Frankfurt, showcasing the city's infrastructure and the stadium's facilities, hoping for future opportunities to host teams in Germany or Europe.

The excitement for the Frankfurt Games extended to discussions with Peer Naubert, Chief Marketing Officer of the Bundesliga, and Alexander Steinforth, General Manager of NFL Germany. Both praised the NFL-DFL partnership for its mutual knowledge exchange and emphasized last year's NFL game in Munich, which highlighted the collaboration's benefits.

Lara Krug, CMO of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Patrik Meyer, CEO of Eintracht Frankfurt Stadion GmbH, discussed the internationalization of the Chiefs and the significance of the Frankfurt Games at the Deutsche Bank Park. After two years of preparation, Krug expressed delight at achieving the milestone of playing an international game, aiming to connect with German fans and global audiences alike.

Meyer noted Frankfurt's long-standing tradition with American football, deeply rooted in its stadium culture.

The Touchdown Frankfurt initiative is pivotal, aiming to forge a cross-generational fanbase.

And as Frankfurt braces for the NFL's arrival, fans can already indulge in the excitement: NFL accessories and merchandise are available for purchase at the Eintracht Frankfurt shop, signaling a warm embrace of American football within a soccer-loving community.

Eintracht Frankfurt NFL
Eintracht Frankfurt NFL

This event not only exemplifies the unifying power of sports but also serves as a testament to the city's open-mindedness and its readiness to be part of the global sports narrative. As Football meets Fußball in Frankfurt, it marks the dawn of a new era where the excitement of the NFL touchdown reverberates through the heart of European soccer.

Source: Eintracht Frankfurt


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