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Deutsche Telekom Strikes a Triple Deal with UEFA for EURO 2024.

Roger Hampel


Deutsche Telekom has officially partnered with UEFA for the highly anticipated EURO 2024 football tournament set to be hosted in Germany. This partnership extends across three critical areas: telecommunications, sponsorship, and media rights, aiming to make the tournament an unforgettable experience for fans worldwide.

Comprehensive Connectivity

In its role as the official telecommunications partner, Deutsche Telekom will provide top-notch digital infrastructure. This involves networking ten stadiums, 24 team basecamps, all fan zones, and the International Broadcast Center in Leipzig. The company aims to showcase Germany as a pioneer in modern connectivity through fast and stable networks.

Sponsorship and Fan Engagement

Deutsche Telekom will also serve as a national sponsor, boosting its brand visibility considerably. The company is set to present the flag bearer program, recruiting national flag bearers for every match. Furthermore, the company will hold the rights to broadcast all matches through its MagentaTV service at official public viewing zones in host cities.

Media Partnerships and Exclusive Content

In a collaborative move, Deutsche Telekom has entered into a significant media partnership with RTL. While Deutsche Telekom retains media rights for broadcasting all 51 matches of the tournament, they have agreed on a redistribution of certain exclusive matches. This collaboration enhances their reach and adds value to their MagentaTV service. Both companies will jointly operate a TV studio and other production infrastructures to cover the tournament comprehensively.

UEFA expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, lauding the three-pillar partnership model as unprecedented and aligning with their objective of better connecting fans during the four-week-long tournament.

As EURO 2024 approaches, Deutsche Telekom's multi-faceted partnership aims to provide a more immersive and seamless experience for football fans globally. Through this robust collaboration, both UEFA and Deutsche Telekom aim to set a new standard for how sporting events can be enhanced by strategic partnerships.



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