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DAZN Calls for a "New Deal" for Women's Football.

Roger Hampel

DAZN Women's Football
DAZN Women's Football

DAZN, a global leader in sports broadcasting, has launched an ambitious campaign to transform the landscape of women's football. The initiative, dubbed the "New Deal for Women's Football," is a clarion call to brands, broadcasters, and football clubs to unite for a singular cause: making women's football commercially viable and sustainable.

Breaking Down Barriers: DAZN's Pioneering Effort

DAZN's vision is not just a fleeting campaign but a deep-rooted commitment to change. The broadcaster has already garnered substantial commercial support, with EA Sports and Adidas stepping up as global sponsors for the UEFA Women’s Champions League coverage. This move symbolizes a growing recognition of the untapped potential in women’s football.

Historical Echoes: The 1967 Tournament in Deal

The "New Deal" is named in homage to a pivotal 1967 women’s football tournament in Deal, Kent. This event, organized by Arthur Hobbs, defied a decades-long ban by the English FA, marking a turning point in the history of the sport. Today, DAZN is poised at a similar crossroads, with the opportunity to propel women's football into a new era of prosperity and recognition. DAZN Women's Football

DAZN Women's Football

A Dual Vision for the Future DAZN Women's Football

Hannah Brown, Co-CEO of Women’s Sport at DAZN, outlines two potential futures: one where stakeholders unite to establish women's football as a major global sport, and another where progress stalls, squandering a golden opportunity for growth. Brown advocates for a "venture capital mindset," urging a long-term investment approach to realize the sport's substantial commercial potential.

The Fourfold New Deal

DAZN's New Deal encompasses a comprehensive strategy:

  1. Clubs are urged to enhance the match day experience, improve facilities, and ramp up marketing efforts.

  2. Sponsors are encouraged to adopt a long-term investment perspective.

  3. Media and Broadcasters are called upon to ensure broad distribution, premium coverage, and enhanced marketing.

  4. Rights Holders are expected to collaborate with clubs, brands, and broadcasters to maximize media value and stimulate growth.

The ultimate goal is to provide fans with consistently high-quality experiences, irrespective of how they engage with the game.

DAZN's Game-Changing Strategy

In a groundbreaking move, DAZN is removing its paywall for the largest portfolio of women’s football worldwide. This strategic decision is set to expand the audience base and establish a new, global hub for women’s football, offering unprecedented access to games and content.

A Platform for Unprecedented Growth

The recent successes of the Women’s World Cup and Euros, along with record-breaking attendance and viewership in domestic leagues like the WSL, Liga F, and Frauen Bundesliga, underscore the sport's burgeoning appeal. DAZN's initiative seeks to capitalize on this momentum, creating a fertile ground for further growth and investment.

A Call for Courageous Investment

Hannah Brown's message is clear: women’s football presents the most compelling sports investment opportunity in a generation. Echoing the bold spirit of the 1967 tournament, DAZN’s campaign is a call to action for stakeholders to demonstrate similar bravery and vision.

Grassroots: The Foundation of Growth

Esmeralda Negron, Co-CEO of Women’s Sport at DAZN, emphasizes the critical role of grassroots football. By connecting the grassroots to the professional game, DAZN aims to cultivate a robust and diverse fanbase from an early age, essential for the sport's long-term commercial viability.


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