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Cracovia Embraces the Future with a Slight Rebrand of Its Historic Logo.

Roger Hampel

Cracovia Logo
Cracovia Logo

MKS Cracovia SSA, a staple in Polish football, has unveiled a slightly rebranded logo, marrying tradition with modern digital needs. This strategic update is the result of recognizing the evolving landscape of digital media while maintaining a deep respect for the club's storied past.

A Nod to Heritage and Embracing the Digital Era

For over a century, Cracovia's emblem has stood relatively unchanged, a testament to the enduring values and rich history of the club. The original design has been a proud symbol, prominently featured on the team's merchandise and paraded in stadiums. However, the digital age demands versatility and clarity in graphic materials, prompting Cracovia to initiate a thoughtful redesign.

The redesign was spearheaded by Kuba Malicki, a renowned graphic designer known for his work with Lech Poznań, the Polish Football Association (PZPN), and the Polish Cup, among others. Malicki’s approach was to refine the club’s flag emblem to align with contemporary graphic design standards while diving deep into the club's history for inspiration.

One historic element that Malicki reintroduced is the rope twined around the flagpole, a feature prominent on badges from the early 20th century. This detail not only enhances the logo's aesthetic but serves as a direct link to Cracovia’s glorious past.

Unified Typography and Future-Ready Branding Cracovia Logo

Alongside the updated emblem, the club has introduced a unified typographic approach under the banner "CRACOVIA" to streamline its visual identity. This update is part of a broader initiative dubbed #CracoviaOdNowa, which translates to "Cracovia Anew." This initiative represents a forward-looking perspective that still respects and honors the club's historical roots.

Debut and Implementation

The refreshed logo will make its debut on the club's team bus at the upcoming home match against Puszcza Niepołomice. The complete rollout of the new visual identity will coincide with the start of the next season, promising a fresh look for fans and players alike.

This rebrand marks an exciting chapter for Cracovia as it aims to blend tradition with modernity, ensuring that the club remains relevant and visually compelling in a digital-centric world.

Following a Trend in Polish Football

Cracovia's rebranding is the second such initiative in the Ekstraklasa following last year's update by Warta Poznań. These efforts highlight how Polish football clubs are increasingly recognizing the importance of staying current with design trends while respecting their heritage.

As Cracovia steps into the future with a new visual identity, the club continues to hold its head high, proudly bearing the colors that have represented it for over a century. The hope is that the refreshed brand will resonate well with fans, continuing the legacy of pride and passion that is synonymous with Cracovia.

Source: Cracovia


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