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Chase Embarks on a Transformative Partnership with the UK's National Football Teams.

Roger Hampel

Chase Football
Chase Football

Chase has officially been named the Official Banking Partner of the England national football teams, marking a significant milestone in sports and financial collaboration. This partnership, extending to the Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales national teams over a four-year period, is set to revolutionize the landscape of football coaching and support across the UK.

A Logo on Every Training Kit

As part of this collaboration, the Chase logo will grace the training kits of both men's and women's teams, symbolizing a union that goes beyond mere branding. This partnership is about making tangible impacts on the ground, leveraging the universal appeal of football to foster community development and individual growth.

Empowering Communities Through Football Chase Football

Central to this partnership is Chase's commitment to supporting individuals from low-income backgrounds within the UK. The initiative promises to offer fully funded coaching qualifications and free learning tools aimed at developing essential life skills both on and off the pitch. Details of the programme are eagerly anticipated and expected to be unveiled in the weeks to come.

Building on a Legacy of Community Support

This new venture builds upon Chase's ongoing investment in community-based programs, underscoring JPMorgan Chase's long-standing commitment to supporting local communities across the UK, where it boasts a workforce of over 22,000. Through this sponsorship, in tandem with Chase's existing partnership with the National Literacy Trust, the bank aims to empower individuals by improving access to essential resources and tools, paving the way for future employment opportunities.

Exclusive Experiences for Chase Customers

In addition to the broader societal impacts, Chase will also offer its customers unique opportunities to engage with the national teams. These experiences range from attending matches to exclusive access to training grounds, bringing fans closer to the heartbeat of English football.

A New Era for English Football

Mark Bullingham, CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to cultivate the next generation of coaching talent across English football. This initiative aims to dismantle barriers for people from disadvantaged communities, offering them a ladder to climb towards achieving their coaching aspirations.

Deborah Keay, UK Chief Marketing Officer at Chase, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing football's unparalleled capacity to effect positive societal change. By aligning with the Home Nations, Chase is set to harness the power of football to uplift individuals and communities throughout the UK, addressing the challenges faced in obtaining coaching qualifications and fostering key life skills.

Source: The FA


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