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Carlsberg and Liverpool FC Celebrate Continued Partnership with Historic 10-Year Deal.

Roger Hampel

In a landmark move demonstrating the strength and longevity of corporate partnerships in sports, Carlsberg and Liverpool Football Club have announced an extension of their long-standing relationship with a new 10-year deal. This agreement propels their association to a remarkable 42 years, solidifying it as the longest partnership in both Premier League and club history.

A Partnership Rooted in History

The alliance between Liverpool FC and Carlsberg traces back to 1992, marking a significant era where Carlsberg adorned the front of Liverpool's iconic red shirts. Over the years, this partnership has been more than just a sponsorship; it has become a testament to shared values and mutual support, witnessing some of Liverpool's most memorable moments. These include the 2001 cup treble, the miraculous Champions League victory in Istanbul in 2005, and numerous other celebrated achievements.

Evolving Relationship

In 2010, the relationship evolved with Carlsberg becoming the official beer of Liverpool FC, a title they will retain until at least 2034. This renewal signifies more than a business agreement; it is a celebration of a journey filled with triumphs and challenges, shared between the club and the brand.

Ben Latty, Commercial Director at Liverpool FC, expresses his delight, highlighting the partnership's success built on a foundation of shared values and commitment. For Carlsberg, Global Sponsorships Director Louise Bach echoes this sentiment, underlining the deep-rooted connection and excitement for the future.

Impactful Initiatives and Campaigns

Throughout their partnership, Liverpool FC and Carlsberg have launched numerous impactful campaigns and initiatives:

  1. The Bill Shankly Statue: In 1997, Carlsberg commissioned a statue of the legendary Liverpool manager, which now stands proudly outside Anfield's Kop.

  2. Red Hops Beer: To commemorate 25 years of partnership, Carlsberg introduced a unique LFC beer using red hops cultivated by immersing plants in the atmosphere of Anfield.

  3. Commemorative Cans: Celebrating Liverpool's Premier League title, Carlsberg released a special can, launched globally.

  4. Forever Fans Campaign: Marking 30 years of partnership, Carlsberg unveiled limited edition cans featuring iconic kits and legendary players from the club's history.

  5. 30 of the Best: Fans participated in a poll to choose the best Premier League match from the past three decades, highlighting the 5-0 victory over Manchester United.

Looking Forward

As Carlsberg and Liverpool FC embark on another decade together, the focus remains on creating experiences that resonate with fans worldwide. This enduring partnership, transcending the typical boundaries of corporate sponsorships, stands as a beacon of mutual respect, shared history, and a unified vision for the future.

As they look ahead, both entities aim to foster this unique connection, celebrating the club's history and its passionate fanbase, proving that some partnerships in the world of sports are more than just business – they're a part of the team's very identity.


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