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BYD Gears Up for a Thrilling Summer as the Official Regional Sponsor of CONMEBOL Copa América 2024.

Roger Hampel


With the excitement building up for the CONMEBOL Copa América 2024, BYD has proudly announced its role as the official regional sponsor for this highly anticipated football tournament. As one of the leading global companies in renewable energy and electric vehicle manufacturing, BYD is set to electrify the football landscape this summer, promising fans an unforgettable experience of thrilling matches and breathtaking moments.

Embracing the Spirit of South American Football BYD CONMEBOL Copa America

The Copa América, known for its intense passion and fierce rivalries, is the oldest international continental football competition. It is a celebration of skill, teamwork, and national pride. As the official regional sponsor, BYD is aligning itself with the spirit of innovation and excellence that the tournament epitomizes. This partnership highlights BYD's commitment to promoting sports and sustainability, underscoring the synergy between high-performance sports and eco-friendly technology. BYD CONMEBOL Copa America

BYD’s Role in Enhancing the Copa América Experience

As the tournament kicks off, BYD's involvement will be visible in various aspects of the event. From branding in stadiums across the host nations to engaging fan activities, BYD is enhancing the spectator experience both on-site and globally. This sponsorship also showcases BYD's dedication to expanding its market presence in Latin America, a region where football is not just a sport but a part of the cultural fabric.

A Summer of Electrifying Football

Fans attending the Copa América 2024 can expect more than just top-tier football; they will experience a celebration enhanced by BYD’s innovative technology. Electric vehicles from BYD will be featured, including the latest models that embody the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and cutting-edge technology. These vehicles will serve as a testament to BYD's role in driving forward the future of mobility, mirroring the dynamic and forward-thinking spirit of Copa América.

BYD’s Commitment to Sustainable Mobility

Aligning with a major sporting event like the Copa América allows BYD to highlight its leadership in sustainable transport solutions. This sponsorship is part of a broader strategy to demonstrate how sports partnerships can be a powerful platform for promoting positive environmental practices and sustainable living. BYD’s participation in such a high-profile event reinforces the message that sustainability and sports can go hand in hand.


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