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Bundesliga Sports Executives Convene in Frankfurt for Strategic Discussions on Sports and Technology.

Roger Hampel


On April 19, 2024, sports executives from the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga gathered at the DFL headquarters in Frankfurt for a pivotal two-day conference. This meeting aimed to facilitate a comprehensive discussion on the latest developments in sports and sports technology, essential for shaping the future of football in Germany.

Day One: Celebrating Achievements and Innovations

The first day of the event was marked by a significant celebration; Bayer 04 Leverkusen, having clinched the Deutsche Meisterschaft, was honored by DFL directors Ansgar Schwenken, Andreas Nagel, and Dr. Hendrik Weber. In a special ceremony, Simon Rolfes, the Sporting Director of Bayer 04, was presented with a miniature version of the championship trophy, highlighting the camaraderie and high spirits among the Bundesliga representatives.

Focusing on Technological Advancements

A major highlight of the conference was the emphasis on sports technology. Dr. Hendrik Weber, responsible for Sport Technology and Innovation at the DFL, highlighted upcoming projects, including the implementation of goal-line technology in the 2. Bundesliga for the 2024/25 season. This technology is set to enhance the accuracy of goal decisions, significantly impacting the fairness and excitement of the game.

Guest Contributions and Regulatory Updates

The gathering also featured insightful contributions from DFB Schiri GmbH, represented by the current CEO Lutz Michael Fröhlich and his successor Knut Kircher, who will assume the role on July 1. They discussed the impact and integration of referee technologies and the ongoing adaptations in match officiating.

Furthermore, updates on FIFA and UEFA regulations were shared, ensuring that all club representatives are up-to-date with international football governance and compliance requirements. Such discussions are crucial for aligning national league operations with global standards.


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