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BRAND NEW THIRD KIT ALREADY SOLD OUT: Heart of Midlothian's Stunning Tribute to History.

Roger Hampel


In a remarkable celebration of the club’s rich history, Heart of Midlothian Football Club has proudly unveiled its stunning new 2023/24 Umbro third kit, drawing inspiration from the club's very first kit from 1874. The anticipation and excitement surrounding the release were so great that the stock is already on the verge of selling out.

A Nod to History

The Heart of Midlothian's new third kit is more than

just a uniform; it is a tribute to the club’s identity as it approaches its 150th anniversary. The design features textured pique fabric, bringing the 'old school' to life in a contemporary fashion.

What catches the eye is the oversized club crest, mirroring that inaugural kit from two centuries ago. It's a beautiful homage to the club's rich heritage and a connection to its roots.

Completing this iconic kit are white shorts with maroon flashes and socks with maroon and white circular bands, creating a cohesive and striking look that resonates with fans.

Sold Out – For Now

The reception has been nothing short of extraordinary. Due to unprecedented demand and limited availability, especially in smaller sizes, the stock is on the brink of selling out.

But not to worry, for those who missed out: Heart of Midlothian and Umbro are already working to bring in more stock as quickly as possible. Fans can look forward to updates and the opportunity to grab this unique piece of football history.


Heart of Midlothian's new third kit is a masterful blend of history and modernity. By drawing inspiration from the very first kit, the club has created a connection that transcends generations. The immediate sell-out is a testament to the design's appeal and the fans' passion.

As the club looks forward to its 150th anniversary, this kit is a symbol of where it has come from and the legacy it continues to build. It's not just a uniform; it's a celebration of Heart of Midlothian's indelible mark on football. The anticipation for the restock mirrors the excitement for what lies ahead in the club's future.


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