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Bolton Wanderers Team Up with House of Cavani for Stylish Wembley Appearance.

Roger Hampel

Bolton Wanderers House of Cavani
Bolton Wanderers House of Cavani

Bolton Wanderers have announced an exciting partnership with House of Cavani for their upcoming Play-Off Final at Wembley this weekend. The team had a special suit fitting last week at the Toughsheet Community Stadium, gearing up to face Oxford United in a pivotal match that could define their season.

Ian Evatt's squad will be donning elegant navy suits provided by House of Cavani, a leading retailer known for its contemporary menswear and formalwear. This collaboration not only ensures that the players and staff look their best for the big game but also strengthens the club’s relationship with a brand that has established itself firmly within the football community.

House of Cavani, which boasts 14 stores nationwide, has previously partnered with notable football clubs like Birmingham City, Stoke City, and Wolverhampton Wanderers, as well as the Jockey Club. Their experience in delivering high-quality attire to sports teams adds a layer of confidence and style to Bolton's preparations.

Carl Sanderson, Head of Commercial at Bolton Wanderers, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. “We are delighted to be collaborating with House of Cavani ahead of this weekend. The suits speak for themselves, and we look forward to seeing how they look when Ian and the team arrive at Wembley on Saturday,” he said.

Luke Furnival, Head of Media and Partnerships, mirrored this sentiment. “We are honoured as a brand to provide our formalwear to Bolton Wanderers for this momentous occasion. After their exceptional season, we are eagerly anticipating their continued success and will be cheering them on this Saturday,” Furnival stated.

The partnership not only highlights Bolton Wanderers’ commitment to excellence but also showcases House of Cavani's dedication to supporting football, blending fashion with the passion of sports. As Bolton prepares to take on Oxford United, their appearance will be as sharp as their gameplay, thanks to House of Cavani’s exquisite suits.

Fans and spectators can expect to see a gallery from the suit fitting last week, providing a sneak peek into the stylish preparations undertaken by the team. As the countdown to the weekend continues, Bolton Wanderers are all set to make a memorable impression both on and off the field at Wembley.

Source: Bolton Wanderers Media


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