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Benfica Partners with PRIME for Enhanced Hydration and Innovation Through 2027.

Roger Hampel

Benfica PRIME
Benfica PRIME

SL Benfica, one of Portugal’s premier football clubs, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with PRIME, the popular hydration beverage co-founded by social media celebrities Logan Paul and KSI. This collaboration, set to extend until 2027, names PRIME as the official hydration partner of the club, reinforcing Benfica’s commitment to excellence and innovation both on and off the field.

Strategic Collaboration with a Digital Edge Benfica PRIME

As part of the partnership, PRIME will not only supply its hydration drinks to Benfica’s main football team but will also gain significant brand visibility. PRIME’s branding will be prominently featured at Estádio da Luz, ensuring exposure across various communication platforms during all home games. This move is designed to enhance the game-day experience for fans and provide optimal support for the athletes’ performance and recovery.

Miguel Bento, the Commercial and Marketing Director at SL Benfica, highlighted the strategic nature of the partnership, stating, "This partnership with PRIME reflects not only our commitment to high performance and innovation but also recognizes PRIME’s impressive digital footprint. Their strong social media presence and popularity among the younger demographic perfectly complement our digital engagement strategy and global brand strengthening efforts."

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Sports Nutrition

The collaboration goes beyond mere sponsorship; it integrates PRIME’s innovative products into the club’s sports regimen, ensuring that players receive top-notch hydration solutions during training sessions and matches. This partnership is part of Benfica’s ongoing effort to improve conditions for its players and to provide its fans with a first-class experience.

Digital and Global Brand Synergy

The partnership is also strategically aligned with Benfica’s efforts to enhance its digital presence and engage with a younger, more globally dispersed fan base. PRIME’s appeal to the youth and its strong online presence offer Benfica an excellent opportunity to connect with fans in a modern and dynamic way, further solidifying its position as a forward-thinking club in the digital era.

Expanding Benfica’s Global Reach

This collaboration not only benefits the players and fans but also enhances Benfica’s global marketability. By associating with a brand that has a massive global following and is recognized for its innovation in hydration technology, Benfica stands to gain a broader international audience and increased brand loyalty.

Source/Credit: SL Benfica


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