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Barça to wear the logo of the singer, Drake, on the front of their jersey against Real Madrid.

Set to be the first time that the Club has replaced their partner’s logo with an artist’s logo - part of the alliance with Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service.

One of the main ideas behind the alliance between FC Barcelona and Spotify is to bring football and music together in order to connect with new audiences around the world. As both are capable of bringing people together and exciting fans, for the first time, the men’s football team will enter the pitch for Sunday’s Clásico wearing a jersey featuring the logo of an internationally acclaimed artist – rapper and singer Drake, winner of 4 Grammy awards and the first to surpass 50 billion streams on Spotify – rather than their main partner’s logo.

So, on October 16, instead of seeing the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service logo on the front of the Barça jersey, those watching the game against Real Madrid will see the silhouette of an owl - the logo of the Canadian singer’s brand. Spotify has given this privileged space on the jersey as part of the framework of the partnership with the Club, just one of the actions that both brands are putting into place to offer innovative experiences for football fans, as well as helping to reach new audiences through music.

As was announced when the agreement was ratified, this type of exchange on the front of the jersey is scheduled to happen more as the season progresses. When it comes to communicating the design that the players are set to wear, the Club and Spotify have been supported by none other than the singer himself, who published a post featuring the jersey on his Instagram account to his over 120 million followers. The Club and Spotify also joined in the unveiling across their own social networks.

Source : FC Barcelona


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