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Barça, Spotify, and ROSALÍA: The Power Trio Wins Bronze at the 2023 Cannes Lions Awards.

Roger Hampel


The 2023 Cannes Lions Awards, known for recognizing exceptional creative talent, have granted the prestigious Bronze Entertainment Lion for Music to a unique campaign masterminded by FC Barcelona, Spotify, and international artist ROSALÍA.

This trailblazing campaign fused the worlds of music and sports in a way that had not been previously explored. It captivated audiences globally by switching the Spotify logo with the motif of ROSALÍA's trendsetting album, "MOTOMAMI," during the highly-watched La Liga el Clásico games. This gesture was a tribute to the first anniversary of the album and to ROSALÍA's impressive achievement as the most-streamed Spanish artist worldwide on Spotify in 2022.

A key factor in the campaign's monumental success was its ability to engage fans and foster a sense of community online. Barça jerseys flaunting the distinctive "MOTOMAMI" logo were widely shared through influential media outlets, setting new engagement records on social networks. Memorable viral content, such as a video of ROSALÍA singing the Barça anthem and a clip featuring the Barça groundsman, contributed to the campaign's virality.

The results of this innovative campaign were staggering. The campaign's digital content gathered 669 million views, provoked 56 million interactions, and the videos garnered 243 million views. During the el Clásico period, searches for "MOTOMAMI" and "ROSALÍA" on Spotify skyrocketed by over 100% worldwide and nearly 200% in Spain.

By merging the immense popularity of Barça, Spotify's streaming power, and ROSALÍA's global appeal, this creative venture transcended traditional boundaries, redefining the potential for sport and music collaborations. The campaign successfully generated a unique, immersive experience for audiences around the globe, marking a significant milestone in the realm of creative advertising.


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