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Atlético de Madrid Women Teams Up with Google Cloud to Boost Cybersecurity and Innovate Football Experience.

Roger Hampel

Atlético de Madrid Google
Atlético de Madrid Google

In a groundbreaking announcement made at the Google Cloud Summit in Madrid on May 23, 2024, Google Cloud Security has partnered with the Atlético de Madrid Women's team to redefine cybersecurity measures and enhance the fan experience through innovative technologies.

Elevating Cybersecurity in Sports

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for the sports industry, specifically women's football, by integrating Google Cloud Security's robust capabilities into Atlético de Madrid's operational framework. This partnership aims to conduct seminars and workshops led by Google experts, specifically tailored to elevate the club’s data protection strategies for its stakeholders and fan base. The focus will be on personalized consultations to meet the unique technological needs of Atlético, ensuring a fortified cybersecurity posture that protects all institutional data effectively.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Performance and Engagement

Beyond the primary goal of cybersecurity, this partnership is set to transform how football clubs operate by leveraging artificial intelligence. Google’s AI tools, including the Vertex AI platform and Gemini models, will be instrumental in analyzing player performance in real-time. This will empower coaches and staff with data-driven insights to fine-tune strategies and improve player output during games.

The fan experience is also a major beneficiary of this collaboration. By incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), Atlético de Madrid aims to create immersive experiences that bring fans closer to the game, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction.

Operational Security and Data Management

Utilizing Google Cloud will enable proactive measures to safeguard the club's confidential information and systems. This strategic move not only secures data but also streamlines the management and processing of vast amounts of information generated by the club. This capability is crucial, especially for projects like Player_ID, which seeks to accelerate player development processes through advanced data analytics.

A Commitment to Innovation and Security

Óscar Mayo, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Atlético de Madrid, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership allows us to merge our passion for football with the technological expertise of Google Cloud. It represents a significant advancement in how we manage, secure, and utilize data across our operations.”


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