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Atlético de Madrid Welcomes Tanqueray 0.0% as Official Sponsor for the 2023-24 Season.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Atletico de Madrid


In a groundbreaking sponsorship deal that brings together two titans of innovation, Tanqueray 0.0% joins forces with Atlético de Madrid for the 2023-24 football season. Both organizations champion values such as passion, determination, and a commitment to challenging the status quo. This partnership marks a paradigm shift in sports sponsorship by introducing non-alcoholic beverage options at the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium.

A Shared Vision of Excellence

Enrique Cerezo, President of Atlético de Madrid, and Úrsula Mejía-Melgar, Diageo Marketing Director for Southern Europe, expressed mutual excitement about the collaboration. “Tanqueray 0.0% is a brand that aligns with our core values. We anticipate sharing new victories and offering our fans an enriched experience," said Cerezo. Mejía-Melgar mirrored this sentiment: "This partnership offers a tremendous opportunity to bring together innovation, tradition, and the quest for excellence."

Offering Fans More Choices

Under the banner "Our Dreams Start With 0.0," Tanqueray 0.0% aims to become the go-to choice for fans seeking non-traditional beverage options. For the first time, spectators at the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium will be able to enjoy alcohol-free cocktails, mojitos, and gin and tonics. Furthermore, an exclusive Tanqueray 0.0% bar will be established at the north end of the stadium, giving fans a unique space to celebrate their team’s triumphs.

Why This Matters

This partnership not only sets a new standard for sports sponsorships but also broadens the fan experience by offering healthier and innovative beverage options. It allows Atlético de Madrid to enhance their brand by aligning with a forward-thinking partner, while Tanqueray 0.0% taps into a highly passionate and global fanbase.


The collaboration between Atlético de Madrid and Tanqueray 0.0% reflects a growing trend of partnerships that go beyond financial considerations to create real value for fans and communities. With both brands having a history of challenging conventions, this deal promises an exciting and novel experience for all involved, especially the fans who can now enjoy games in a completely new way.


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