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Aston Villa Women FC Teams Up with Analytics FC for Data-Driven Scouting.

Salem Badughaish

FOT: Aston Villa

Aston Villa Women FC has recently joined forces with Analytics FC to utilize their TransferLab data-scouting platform. Developed in collaboration with LCP, TransferLab employs advanced data and advanced algorithms to offer an exceptional online scouting environment for players. The platform has expanded to include nine new women's competitions, enhancing its comprehensiveness.

Aston Villa Women's team, promoted to the Women's Super League in 2019/20 and led by Head Coach Carla Ward, has become a prominent force in women's football. They currently have six players competing in the FIFA Women's World Cup: Rachel Daly and Jordan Nobbs (England), Kenza Dali (France), Alisha Lehmann (Switzerland), Daphne van Domselaar (the Netherlands), and Anna Leat (New Zealand).

Marisa Ewers, the General Manager of Aston Villa Women and a former club captain, expressed their satisfaction with partnering with Analytics FC and accessing the TransferLab platform. They believe that Analytics FC's track record in delivering quality data in women's football lends credibility to their offering, providing a competitive edge in the evolving world of women's football. Analytics FC CEO Jeremy Steele shared his enthusiasm for adding another top-level team to their list of women's football clients. TransferLab, as the first standalone data analytics platform for women's football, has proven its value in providing advanced data tools to enhance Aston Villa's workflows.


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