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Aston Villa's New Logo and The Power of Fan Engagement.

Roger Hampel

Aston Villa's New Logo and The Power of Fan Engagement.
Aston Villa's New Logo and The Power of Fan Engagement.

As communicated at the recent meeting of its Fan Advisory Board, Aston Villa is planning to re-engage with supporters to explore options for the selection of a permanent new-look crest ahead of the club’s 150th anniversary next year. The move comes after realizing that their recent logo iteration hasn't garnered the expected resonance within their vast fan base. Aston Villa's step back to consider fan sentiment is a testimony to the growing trend in football where fan opinions are paramount.

Aston Villa's Emblem Evolution

The club’s decision to involve fans follows their recent emblem change, which, despite being well-intended, did not have the desired impact. Thus, the club has decided to build upon the past consultations, aiming to strike the right chord with a badge that will serve both as a symbol of pride and identity. Aston Villa's New Logo and The Power of Fan Engagement.

A unique touch to the whole process will be a commemorative badge, crafted specially to honor Aston Villa's illustrious 150-year journey. This special badge promises to be more than just an emblem, encapsulating a legacy that spans over a century.

The QPR Precedent: Voting for Identity

Taking cues from the past, Queens Park Rangers (QPR) showcased how fan feedback could shape a club's identity. In 2016, QPR’s rebranding witnessed a distinct democratic approach. Fans were given a voice – an opportunity to select from various logo designs. The result? A badge refined by a lettering artist that encapsulated fan sentiment and club heritage.

The QPR Precedent: Voting for Identity
The QPR Precedent: Voting for Identity

Why Fan Feedback Matters

A football club’s badge is not a mere symbol; it’s a representation of identity, history, and pride for millions. Engaging fans in the creation process fortifies their bond with the club. It isn't just about sentiment; it's about smart branding. When fans resonate with a crest, it elevates their loyalty, sense of belonging, and even has tangible outcomes like merchandise sales.

Today, as football clubs become global entities, a crest appealing universally is essential. By anchoring rebranding strategies around fans, clubs like Aston Villa and QPR are fortifying a bond that’s priceless.

In wrapping up, clubs' crests will evolve, but by keeping fans at the center of such transitions, football teams underscore the profound relationship between a club and its supporters.

Source & FOT: Aston Villa / QPR


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