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Apple TV, Messi, And MLS: All You Need To Know.

Roger Hampel

Major League Soccer (MLS) is experiencing a seismic shift with the arrival of soccer superstar Lionel Messi and the partnership with Apple TV. Here's how these powerful players are shaking up the sports landscape.

The introduction of MLS Season Pass, accessible through Apple TV, provides live broadcasting of all regular and playoff season games of MLS and Leagues Cup, without territorial restrictions. Now available in over 100 countries, this unique service also offers a wealth of diverse, free, and on-demand content about MLS, such as team-focused content, player profiles, highlights of the best moments of the 2022 season, replays of historic matches, and short documentaries.

The service, set to kick off on February 25, will showcase all the matches of the regular round, the Audi MLS Cup Playoffs tournament, and the Leagues Cup. For the first time in live sports broadcast history, all games can be watched in one place, at the same times, without any territorial restrictions. Subscribers can enjoy every MLS match on billions of different devices through the Apple TV app on Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming hardware, STBs and gaming consoles, and on the internet at

Apple's partnership with MLS is set to gain popularity not only in the United States but globally. The collaboration marks an exciting development in the lead-up to the 2026 World Cup, offering a unique opportunity to promote the league. It is a major milestone for the MLS and the sports world in the United States.

The MLS Season Pass ensures fans get access to the broadest and most easily accessible offer, including all MLS and Leagues Cup matches, as well as hundreds of MLS NEXT Pro and MLS NEXT matches during the season. Fans can start watching each transmission of an ongoing match from the current game moment or from the very beginning.

Apple TV's MLS Season Pass also offers club-specific content, such as live matches, game previews, and other significant content like interviews and replays. Fans can also browse their team's match schedule and regularly added articles and summaries.

Moreover, Apple's partnership with MLS isn't limited to broadcasting. Fans can listen to special playlists prepared in collaboration with MLS teams, reflecting the culture and tradition of the teams. Apple Music also has two MLS-inspired playlists, updated throughout the season.

The collaboration further extends to game day guides for the teams like Atlanta United, Nashville SC, and Toronto FC. These guides include local pubs and restaurants to watch the match, detailed stadium information, and other useful tidbits.

In conclusion, the partnership between Apple TV and MLS, coupled with Lionel Messi's historic move, heralds a new era in sports broadcasting and business. The football field is expanding, and these changes are set to redefine how we view and interact with the game. It's more than a sport now - it's a whole new game experience.



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