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Anfield Construction Halts, Costs Liverpool Millions.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC faces financial uncertainties as the redevelopment of Anfield Road End remains incomplete. Buckingham Group, the contracting firm initially handling the £80 million project, recently halted operations due to financial challenges, causing concern for the Premier League club.

Initially, Liverpool planned to unveil the redeveloped stand in time for the new season's first home game. However, Buckingham Group's financial woes have disrupted these plans. The contractor has not yet entered administration but has ceased trading, leaving Liverpool to figure out how to move forward.

Though the lower part of the stand was opened with a reduced capacity of 49,699 fans, the full 61,000-seat expansion is now delayed. This hiccup could cost Liverpool significant matchday revenue, impacting their financial plans for the year.

The club is now against the clock to resolve these issues before their next home game against Aston Villa on September 3. With the contractor’s future still uncertain, Liverpool must decide whether to continue with Buckingham or pass the work to a subcontractor, all while potentially losing millions in expected revenue.

Source: Liverpool Echo


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