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Al-Shabab Club Signs Sponsorship Contract with My Fatoorah.

Salem Badughaish

Al-Shabab Club Signs Sponsorship Contract with My Fatoorah.
Al-Shabab Club Signs Sponsorship Contract with My Fatoorah.

Al-Shabab Club, a prominent football club in Saudi Arabia, has announced a significant sponsorship deal with My Fatoorah, a leading digital billing and payment platform in the region. This strategic partnership will extend until the conclusion of the current sports season, solidifying My Fatoorah's position as the club's primary sponsor.

The official signing ceremony took place yesterday at Al-Shabab Club's headquarters in Riyadh. Mohammed Al-Mangham, Chairman of Al-Shabab Club, represented the club, while Sabab Al-Debous, CEO of My Fatoorah, represented the company. Under the terms of this agreement, My Fatoorah's logo will be prominently displayed on the front of Al-Shabab Club's first football team jerseys, making it visible to a vast audience of fans and supporters.

This branding placement will commence during the next round of the Saudi Professional League, also known as the Saudi Reson League. This collaboration is expected to bring substantial benefits to both parties. Al-Shabab Club will receive much-needed financial support, enabling it to enhance its operations, attract top talent, and pursue its ambition of securing trophies. On the other hand, My Fatoorah will gain invaluable exposure to a large and passionate fan base, significantly increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers.

The partnership also highlights the growing prominence of digital billing and payment solutions in Saudi Arabia. My Fatoorah, a pioneer in this sector, has garnered over one million users since its inception in 2017. This sponsorship deal serves as a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and its commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes.


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