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Al-Hilal's new stadium is set to become a major sports destination in Saudi Arabia.

Salem Badughaish

Al-Hilal's new stadium
Al-Hilal's new stadium

The stadium, which is being transformed from Boulevard Hall, is being aligned with the standards of the Saudi Professional League, the Asian Football Confederation, and FIFA. It will have a capacity of around 26,000 spectators and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies.

Al-Hilal Club Company Chairman Fahad Bin Nafel said that the stadium is being prepared to host fans and provide them with an unforgettable experience. He is confident that the stadium will be one of the best in the region and will help to further promote Saudi Arabia as a destination for major sporting events. Bin Nafel also highlighted the importance of the stadium to Al-Hilal Club's success. He said that Kingdom Arena will be a home base for the team and will give them the best possible platform to perform at their highest level.

Al-Hilal's new stadium

The transformation of Boulevard Hall into Kingdom Arena is a significant development for Saudi sports and for Al-Hilal Club. The new stadium is sure to become a popular destination for sports fans and will help to further promote the Kingdom as a destination for major sporting events.


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