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Ajax and Curaçao Extend Partnership Through 2027: A Boost for Tourism and Football Collaboration.

Roger Hampel

Ajax Curaçao
Ajax Curaçao

Ajax and the Curaçao Tourist Board have announced the extension of their successful partnership, set to continue making waves in both the football and tourism sectors until 2027. Since January 2020, Curaçao has been prominently featured as a sleeve partner of Ajax, a collaboration that will persist until January 2025. The relationship will deepen as Curaçao becomes an Official Partner from January 2025 through the end of 2027.

A Strategic Alliance for Visibility and Engagement

Since the partnership's inception, Curaçao has enjoyed increased visibility on one of the most iconic sports stages in Europe—the sleeves of Ajax’s jerseys. This exposure has not only enhanced the island's international profile but has also made it a top-of-mind destination for football fans, particularly those following Ajax. As noted by Muryad de Bruin, Counterpart Director at the Curaçao Tourist Board, the partnership has "contributed internationally to greater awareness and appreciation of our beautiful island."

From Sleeve to Official Partner

The transition from sleeve partner to Official Partner in 2025 marks a new phase in the partnership, with Curaçao set to maintain a prominent presence in the stadium, on television, and across various social media platforms. The planned activities aim to engage fans through innovative win campaigns and exclusive opportunities that highlight Curaçao’s unique offerings.

The Impact of the Partnership on Ajax and Curaçao

Cas Biesta, Acting Commercial Director at Ajax, expressed gratitude towards the Curaçao Tourist Board for their trust and highlighted the multifaceted benefits of the partnership. "Ajax and Curaçao have become truly connected in multiple ways over the past few years," said Biesta. This connection goes beyond mere branding, fostering real cultural and commercial exchanges between the Netherlands and Curaçao.

A Win-Win for Both Parties

This extended partnership is a testament to the successful collaboration that has benefited both parties. For Ajax, it means continued support from a vibrant tourist destination that shares its values of excellence and community engagement. For Curaçao, the affiliation with Ajax provides a powerful platform to promote its tourism sector to a global audience, enhancing its reputation as a must-visit destination.

Looking Forward

As the partnership enters this new phase, both Ajax and Curaçao are committed to building on their shared successes. With plans to further integrate their activities, both on and off the field, the future holds promising prospects for deepening cultural ties and enhancing fan experiences. This ongoing collaboration is not just a boon for the brands involved but also for the fans and communities they serve, promising to bring more exciting and enriching experiences to all involved.

In summary, the Ajax-Curaçao partnership renewal is more than just a contractual agreement; it is a flourishing relationship that bridges football, tourism, and cultural exchange, setting a benchmark for sports partnerships worldwide.


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