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AC Milan Joins Hands with Fanblock.

Roger Hampel

AC Milan Joins Hands with Fanblock.
AC Milan Joins Hands with Fanblock.

A spark of innovation in sports fan engagement is illuminating the football world as AC Milan, one of the sport’s most storied clubs, kickstarts a revolutionary partnership with Fanblock. This alliance, nested in digital technology, not only promises to bridge the geographical gap between the Club and its extensive global fanbase but also introduces an intriguing blend of digital ownership and real-time match-day excitement. Here’s how this strategic partnership is poised to redefine the fan experience, making it more interactive, rewarding, and deeply connected with every goal scored on the pitch. AC Milan Joins Hands with Fanblock.

Unveiling a New Dimension in Fan Involvement: The Fanblock Initiative

Fanblock opens a digital portal where fans, irrespective of their geographical location, can own a tangible piece of their beloved team’s digital playing field. This is achieved through the purchase of Fanblocks, or digitized blocks of AC Milan’s pitch, providing a semblance of ownership and connectivity to fans worldwide. Each piece of the digital pitch becomes a catalyst for fan engagement, with block points being awarded for real-time match events occurring on their owned Fanblock. AC Milan Joins Hands with Fanblock.

A Match-Day Experience Beyond Borders

Imagine being rewarded for every goal scored, every defensive move made, and every strategic play executed on a piece of the pitch you own - virtually. This innovative partnership does just that, as fans accrue points for events unfolding on their digital property during match-days. Not only does this offer a unique and immersive way to follow matches, but it also opens avenues for fans to be actively involved, challenging and inviting friends, climbing leaderboards, and potentially earning rewards for their engagement and loyalty. AC Milan Joins Hands with Fanblock.

Melding Tradition with Modernity: The AC Milan and Fanblock Partnership

AC Milan, with a rich history dating back to 1899 and a legacy dotted with triumphs, embarks on this journey with Fanblock, threading a line between its esteemed traditions and the modern digital era. Maikel Oettle, AC Milan's Commercial Director, expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting that the Club is steadfast in exploring innovative ways to connect and enhance interactions with its global fanbase. AC Milan's venture into this partnership aligns with its ambitions of not merely maintaining connections with its fans but evolving them into immersive experiences that breathe fresh life into fan engagement strategies. AC Milan Joins Hands with Fanblock.

A Global Fanbase, Now Closer than Ever

With Fanblock, the excitement and thrill of match days at the San Siro Stadium can be echoed to fans worldwide. Johan Greeff, Fanblock's Founder and CEO, emphasized that this initiative enables fans to not just own a digital slice of the home pitch but to actively engage, follow real-time action and data, and reap rewards for their unwavering support and passion. AC Milan’s global fanbase, estimated to be over 500 million strong, is set to experience the club's matches and developments in a way that's unprecedented, closely knitted, and continuously rewarding.

Nurturing a Future where Fans and Clubs Move Forward, Together

The AC Milan and Fanblock partnership marks a significant leap toward a future where fans are not mere spectators but active participants in the sporting journey of their favorite teams. This synergy is not only an inventive step towards maintaining the vibrancy and passion of sports fans in a digitized world but also a visionary move towards crafting a symbiotic relationship between clubs and their supporters in the realm of digital interaction and ownership.

As the lines between the physical and digital worlds continue to blur, initiatives like these not only preserve but amplify the spirit, camaraderie, and collective joy that sports bring into our lives, ensuring that every cheer, every moment of anticipation, and every celebratory dance finds a place in the digital world, creating memories that will be cherished across pixels and tangible realities alike.


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