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AC Milan Celebrates Festive Season with 'Planting New Memories'.

Roger Hampel

AC Milan Celebrates Festive Season with 'Planting New Memories'.
AC Milan Celebrates Festive Season with 'Planting New Memories'.

In an inspiring move, AC Milan announces the launch of its 'Planting New Memories' campaign, a festive initiative rooted in environmental consciousness and social responsibility, involving fans and the broader Rossoneri community globally.

Embracing Environmental Stewardship

Recognizing the urgency of ecological preservation, AC Milan, with the support of the entire Rossoneri family, is embarking on two major environmental projects. The Club is partnering with the Treedom platform to create a forest of 1899 trees, symbolically aligning with the Club's founding year. This forest is expected to absorb over 650 tonnes of CO2 in its first decade, providing global environmental benefits and empowering local communities involved in the project. Fans worldwide are encouraged to participate in this greening effort through a dedicated online platform.

Additionally, the Fondazione Milan is set to rejuvenate an underutilized multi-functional playing field in Milan's Municipality 9, transforming it into a green oasis. This initiative is funded by the #IOVENGODALLOSPORT contest's prize money and upcoming fundraisers during key matches.

A Special Collection for a Special Cause

In line with the theme of environmental care, AC Milan unveils a special eco-conscious clothing line available at all official AC Milan outlets. Each purchase from this collection, including the iconic Christmas Jumper, contributes €5 towards these environmental projects. The collection caters to a wide audience, featuring items for pets, diverse apparel options, and gadgets.

Multi-Channel Campaign: Engaging and Memorable

The 'Planting New Memories' campaign, featuring key players from both AC Milan's men's and women's teams, aims to create lasting festive memories while emphasizing the importance of environmental protection. This multi-faceted campaign, showcased across the Club's digital platforms, Casa Milan, and the San Siro Stadium, combines the joy of the festive season with a strong message of sustainability.

The campaign stars 22 Rossoneri players, including Asllani, Bergamaschi, Pulisic, and many others, led by coaches Pioli and team captains Valentina Bergamaschi and Davide Calabria. Their involvement highlights the Club's commitment to a sustainable future.

A Message from the Captains and CMO

Valentina Bergamaschi, captain of the women's team, expresses pride in being part of a Club that actively engages in environmental stewardship. Davide Calabria, captain of the men's team, emphasizes AC Milan's forward-looking vision, both in football and in global responsibility.

Tania Moreno, AC Milan’s Chief Marketing Officer, underlines the importance of environmental protection for the future of football and the planet. The 'Planting New Memories' initiative is a testament to AC Milan's dedication to driving positive change and engaging its global fanbase in meaningful action.

Joining Hands for a Greener Future

As AC Milan embarks on this environmentally conscious journey, it invites its global community to participate actively. Through 'Planting New Memories,' AC Milan is not just celebrating the festive season but is also laying the groundwork for a more sustainable and hopeful future, one tree and one memory at a time.


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